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Early Spring Superfoods brunches

My favorite type of Spring meal to plan is Sunday brunch. Brunch is the greatest showcase for all Spring's stand out veggies because it is the perfect combination of egg dishes, salads, and traditional brunch fare (think pea shoots on a bagel with cream cheese and smoked trout).

I am also busy planning my crops for the coming season and daydreaming of the first spring greens. My seedlings are sprouting indoors and I'm anxiously awaiting a day warm and dry enough to head outside and sow the first seeds of the season. Spring baby kale is one of my favorites both eaten raw as a salad and lightly sautéed in oil and garlic scapes. Spring onions and chives are a fresh bright way to add flavor to your salads and breakfast egg dishes. Last but certainly not least french breakfast radishes! They are so much more than a salad topping. One of my favorite ways to enjoy a crisp spring radish is as a topping to a poached egg on whole grain toast. Add some baby greens for a beautiful presentation on the plate.

I love using Pinterest to find delicious recipes for all of my Farmette products. This time of year I'm always thinking about breakfast and brunch because "the girls" a.k.a. the Farmette laying hens have sprung into action from their long winters rest and I have tons of delicious farmette fresh eggs available. Pinterest is a great place to find the best recipes from all the food and recipe blogs that I just don't have the time to follow individually. Here is a link to a Pinterest board that I created to share some of my favorite brunch recipes.

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