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Farmette kids make Spring bouquets

Bryn the Farmette kid takes you for a tour of our yard and shows you how to select ingredients to make your own Spring flower arrangements from the plants probably already growing at your house!


While your kiddos are home why not allow them to explore the yard for interesting plants to arrange in a fun "vase". Bryn shows you how to use a tea cup or a votive holder to make a happy little arrangement. She also shows kids how to use a flower frog or floral tape to hold the arrangement together.

You will need:

  • a bucket or pail (Bryn uses her clean sand bucket)

  • floral snip or clippers, ask your parents!

  • a fun vase or vessel to arrange your flowers in

  • water, try putting it in a pitcher for your kids to fill their "vases"

  • optional floral tape or other thin tape or a flower frog


A few tips from the videos:

Daffodils sap can be irritating to the skin, wear gloves!

Daffodils will need to soak in water overnight so their toxic sap does not kill the other flowers int he arrangement.

Always ask your parents before you cut!!

Some suggestions for good Spring shrubs and trees to cut for arrangements:



service berry

pieris (my favorite!)

peach blossoms


Have fun exploring your yard and bringing the beauty of the outdoors inside. Remember flowers are food for the soul!

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