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Farmette Kids Seed Lettuce

While the Farmette kids are home from school we are putting together some fun and easy activities that anyone can do at home. Let's kick it off with a short video on starting lettuce in pots for the garden or windowsill. All the materials needed for this tutorial can can ordered online.

Farmette Kids Seed Lettuce

You will need:

  • a flower pot or biodegradable pot to plant in

  • a flower pot saucer if your lettuce will be planted indoors

  • potting soil with fertilizer (We used Vermont Compost Fort Vee potting soil)

  • lettuce seed

  • optional a trowel or spoon for scooping soil

Suggestions for where to order seed.

Johnny's Select Seed

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange


Territorial Seed Co.

Potting soil

A few things to remember from the video about seeding lettuce:

Do not cover the seed, simply press lightly on the surface of the soil.

Lettuce seed is very tiny, but seed can be ordered "pelleted" or coated in clay for easy planting. Especially for younger children.

Water your lettuce daily, if you are using a flower pot indoors make sure it has a drainage hole in the bottom and a saucer for underneath to catch the excess water. Don't forget to place it in a sunny window!

Lettuce take about 5 days to germinate.

If you harvest your lettuce was baby greens with scissors, it will "come again" or regrow for a 2nd or even a 3rd harvest.

Hope you have fun seeding lettuce with your kiddos. Tag the Farmette on Instagram @fairytalefarmette when you share your own projects online!

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