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Hello Herbs

This week the herb garden at the Farmette has sprung into action. I almost didn't notice they were ready to cut because I was so focused on the Spring lettuces and greens that I was hoping to harvest this week (not quite ready yet, fingers crossed for next week). I often walk around sampling the produce, a lettuce leaf here, a mint sprig there. Yesterday, Easter Sunday, I was making avocado egg salad (recipe here) with the hard boiled eggs from our egg hunt as light afternoon lunch, when I ventured out to the herb garden for some chives for my egg salad. Much to my delight all of my herbs were filling out and ready to start harvesting bunches. For herbs frequent harvest is the key to success. It prunes the plant to help it fill out and prevents it from "bolting" or setting flowers and making seeds. After an herb has bolted it is lovely for cut flowers and some are great for seeds, but not so great for tender fresh cut culinary herbs. Clinatro is a great example, did you know cilantro and coriander are from the same plant? The leaves are perfect for salsa and Thai dishes and the dried mature seeds are coriander used in Spanish, Mexican, Latin, and Indian cuisine.

Looking for some tasty ways to use fresh herbs? I created this Pinterest board last summer with great ideas for cooking and preserving culinary herbs.

I just can't wait to debut Fairytale Farmette's lovely lettuce and arugula, hopefully available next week. With the nice soaking rains followed by fine weather the greens on the Farmette seem to grow magically overnight. While they are still a bit small for a harvest this week, looks like these beauties will be available for pre-order in next week's Weekly Harvest.

Speaking of coming soon, the first of the Sweet Peas and Bachelor Buttons are about to POP open. Looks for the first few bouquets available next week. These are my absolute favorite blooms to work with both together and as simply Sweet Pea and simply Bachelor Button bouquets.

Be sure to check your Weekly Harvest email next week for availability at first the quantities will be limited but in the next few weeks just like Spring the Farmette will burst into action filled with tasty greens, lovely blooms and of course, Farmette Fresh eggs.

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