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So What is "Online-On-Your Honor"?

You have seen the cooler at the end of the driveway and if you are like me, you are curious but a little intimidated to do the wrong thing, right? Relax, it's easy! Fairytale Farmette is an On-Your-Honor farm stand, which means I trust you to pay the correct amount in the cash box for the produce, flowers, and eggs that you take home from the farm stand. This method is convenient for you AND easy for me with a busy life, a one woman farm, and three kids!

So the next thing you ask is "Who carries cash anymore?" or "What if I don't have small bills or exact change?" I'm glad that you asked. Simply log on to with your smart phone and click on the "Farmette Stand" page to select the items that you would like to buy and put them in your online shopping cart. When you are ready to check out you can select from PayPal or credit card payment to pay with Visa or Mastercard. Follow the prompts to complete your order.

O.k. so now you get how to order if the stand is open and you see something you want to buy BUT what if you are a regular weekly customer and want a reserved order? ...Or you want to buy something like "Somewhere Over the Rainbow baby Swiss chard" before it sells out? ...Or you are hosting a baby shower and need ten Sweet Pea bouquets? Great news! You can pre-order your weekly harvest by 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday night in time to pick up your custom order on Friday. Here is how it works, on Monday visit the Weekly Harvest blog to see what is available for this week. Simply place the items that you would like to order in you online shopping cart and check out. You can even pay cash if you prefer by selecting the "Manual" option and placing your cash in the cash box when you pick up your order at the Farmette. Next, you will receive an email letting you know that the order is harvested and ready to pick up at the Farmette Stand. When you come to pick up your order be sure to pick up the veggies, herbs, flowers, and eggs labeled with your name. Super easy right?

What if you are not available to pick up your pre-order on Friday? No problem, just let me know on the note section of your order what day you can pick up and I will store your harvested order in the Farmette fridge until you are able to pick up.

Still have questions? Please call me at 202-297-2351 or send me an email at and don't be afraid to ask. I believe that Small is Beautiful when it comes to my farmette business and staying small helps me to be able to answer your calls and emails personally.

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