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Why subscribe to the Weekly Harvest?

One day a photographer friend of mine Patricia Phillips McDonald, said to me "You know what I really want to know Kelly? Why should I eat this? How can I prepare it for my family? I want to know the story behind the food." I talk about food all the time, well truthfully I just talk all the time, but really 90% of it is about food and farming. I love to share recipes and interesting facts about how food is grown and how to make bone broth from scratch or the best weird fruit to try with goat cheese and crackers (the answer is ground cherries by the way, stay tuned for that post this summer). And then another friend of mine Ann Pavalides came to my stand last summer and said "Just make me a basket, whatever you think is good." and I started keeping a Pinterest board with recipes to share with Ann when I gave her an unusual veggie (Watermelon radish, you guessed it, the start of a future post too!). If you want to check out the Pinterest board that I created for Ann click here. So what better way to share the "Why?" behind the food that I grow and eat than to put that information all in one place on the Weekly Harvest.

Here is the other part, my Farmette Stand is on-your-honor and online. More about that here. For both those reasons my customers need a touch point, because they may not see me in-person when they come to pick up their veggies and fresh flowers (although I hope you do!). I truly believe that small is a beautiful way to do business, it gives you an opportunity as a consumer to ask questions about where your food comes from and actually KNOW the person that put the seed in the ground or raised the hens from tiny chicks that lay your breakfast eggs. AND I want your feedback, about what I'm growing, how it tasted, did your flowers last a long time in the vase? That makes me a better farmer and helps me to serve my customers better too. BUT if you pick up at 8 pm after soccer practice at DAA, you may not get to see what is going on day-to-day here at Fairytale. I hope that this blog becomes a conversation between us and you feel comfortable to call me up or send me an email anytime you have a question or just want to talk about food!

Hope to see you next week at Fairytale Farmette's Weekly Harvest.

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