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Lovely, local, and seasonal!

Booking weddings from April through October Fairytale Farmette grows all of the flowers for our wedding orders right here in Davidsonville, MD. Here at the Farmette our goal is to leave the land healthier than we found it, but using pollinator-friendly and sustainable farming methods.  For the couple looking for local, sustainable, farm direct Maryland-grown flowers we are your perfect fit.


Seasonal blooms are the key to blooms coming straight from the Farmette. Lovely tulips in early Spring, bright sunflowers in summer and dazzling dahlias in fall arranged to create your own Fairytale bouquets, centerpieces, wedding arches and more.


At Fairytale, small is beautiful, you will have the opportunity to work directly with the grower, in some cases, selecting varieties to be grown on the Farmette especially for your event. Every wedding is unique, rather than picking designs out of a book, we will work together to create your vision using the freshest available Farmette-grown flowers in season. Set up a consultation with farmer-florist Kelly Weisner to envision your perfect wedding florals.


From full service to DIY Fairytale can meet the needs of a variety of wedding styles and budgets. Book a free consultation or call Kelly at 202-297-2351 to inquire about availability for the 2024-25 season.​

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Wedding Flowers by Season

What kind of Flowers are available at Fairytale Farmette?

Our flowers are grown seasonally, so depending on the month of your wedding, the varieties offered change with the seasons. Our season begins as soon as the tulips open in April. Below is a month by month guide to a few of the favorite varieties grown here at the Farmette.

  • Tulips, including specialty varieties like peony-petaled tulips and graceful French tulips.

  • Fragrant Narcissus, think beyond yellow in soft shades of white and apricot

  • Hellebores or Lenten Rose, in sophisticated shades from palest pink to green to nearly black.

  • Dramatic Iris and Allium, ranging in shades from deepest blue to palest pink

  • Italian Ranunculus and Anemone, long lasting beauties perfect for bouquets and boutonnières

  • Wildflower varieties, delicate Columbine, vining Sweet Peas, and cheery Bachelor Buttons

  • Lovely daisy-like blooms, Maryland's Black-Eyed Susan or Rudbeckia and delicate Cosmos

  • Ammi or Queen Anne's Lace in surprising shades like green and deep eggplant

  • Bright Snapdragons with a gentle bubblegum scent come in a rainbow of colors

  • Bright and beautiful Zinnia, cheery pom-pom like blooms in a wide range of shades

  • Clever Celosia, add texture and shape to bridal bouquets and arrangements

  • Everyone's summertime favorite Sunflowers, in surprising varieties from traditional to modern

  • The Farmette's favorite our diva Dahlias, in every shape and color, the star of the autumn wedding

  • Playful Gompherena and Grasses to add whimsy to fall florals

  • Elegant Mahogany Splendor Hibiscus Leaves, Amaranth and Celosia add depth and texture

Flowers by Season April through October

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